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Nancy Farr, Office Manager

Nancy is the office administrator for Elgin Counselling & Mediation Centre. She has decades of experience in both the service and administrative field. She has a strong compassion for people and approaches life with a positivity that is certain to make you smile. 

Jennifer Perras MSW, RSW

Jennifer is a bilingual (French/English) Master of Social Work helping individuals from diverse populations navigate life challenges within a safe and supportive environment. Jennifer provides counselling for youth, adults and seniors who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem using trauma informed approaches and interventions for improving self-concepts, communication, and coping strategies. 

Jennifer has helped individuals experiencing postpartum depression, separation, divorce, bullying, marital and family conflict, and life transitions- including religious trauma to improve their lives. Her kind and empathic approach empowers individuals, couples, and families to take control of their lives in a healthy, collaborative, and positive manner.

Donna Sousa MSW, RSW

Donna is a Master of Social Work who has been in the field for over 11 years. Donna provides counselling for trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and general mental health. Donna is currently seeing adults, children and couples. 

Tyneisha Dunn, RSSW

Tyneisha is a Registered Social Service Worker that offers individual counselling for depression, anxiety, stress management, self-esteem, and general mental health concerns for people aged 15+.  As a mixed Anishinaabe'kwe (Ojibwe woman), Tyneisha embraces both social work theory and her traditional teachings to address overall wellness. She aims to create a collaborative, non-judgemental, and supportive environment to assist you in using your unique strengths to create positive change, drawing on a range of modalities to support your needs. Her special areas of interest include boundaries, communication, and assertiveness teaching, as well as employee & workplace mental health improvement. 

Shelley Reiser-Brown MSW, RSW

Shelley is a Registered Social Worker in Ontario with experience in a variety of hospital and community-based settings working with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds. She provides counseling for clients in the areas of anger management, anxiety and depression using solution-focused therapy as well as cognitive behavioral strategies. Shelley’s person-centred approach helps clients achieve balance and clarity about how to move forward in healthy and positive ways.


Kathleen Lowe MSW, RSW

Kathleen is a registered Social Worker who has been practicing in the field for over 22 years.  She has her Masters in Social Work and has been training Social Work interns for two decades.  Kathleen is a trauma informed practitioner who integrates different therapy modalities depending on the unique needs of those she is helping. She has experience working with youth and adults. 

Life’s unexpected challenges and personal issues can be hard to deal with on our own or with those who might not understand what we are going through.  Kathleen works collaboratively in her counselling relationships to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere that encourages growth within and outside of the counselling setting.  Kathleen has helped those looking for assistance with their mental health, relationships, substance abuse, anger and unhealthy relationship/family dynamics.  She assists individuals to build upon their existing skill set to help strengthen a more authentic connection with themselves and others.

Lyndall Hewitt BSW, MSW, RSW

This life may have you feeling lonely, misunderstood, or worn out. The truth is we all deserve to

feel a sense of belonging and to benefit from healthy, happy relationships. It’s my aim to cultivate a therapeutic relationship with you, wherein you can feel completely safe to be yourself. I practice from a humanistic lens that focuses on your wholistic well-being. Let’s work together to reclaim and renew your inner peace, passion, and compassion for your authentic-

self and the relationships that nurture you and your family.


I have experience and empathy helping children, youth, and adults with a variety of challenges including:


  • Building and enhancing communication skills between parents and/or partners.

  • Managing (and succeeding) with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD- Child and Adult)

  • Processing PTSD and intergenerational trauma.

  • Navigating separation and divorce proceedings.

  • Living with loss and grief.

  • Overcoming academic barriers related to performance anxiety and/or social anxiety.

  • Reducing workplace stress and exploring career goals.

  • Narrative therapy to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  • Crisis and self-harm intervention

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