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Employee Assistance Programs F.A.Q.

Why offer an Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.)?

Everyday stresses can affect an individual’s work life. Employee work performance, productivity, health and safety are at risk when stresses are not managed. An employee assistance program provides employees with professional and confidential support in finding positive solutions.

What does an Employee Assistance Program do?

An Employee Assistance Program provides a broad base of confidential, professional help in the following areas:

  • personal concerns

  • relationships

  • marriage problems

  • family difficulties

  • separation and divorce

  • child/adolescent problems

  • parent/teen mediation

  • job stress

  • financial difficulties

  • grief and loss

  • alcohol and drug concerns

  • retirement issues


Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is provided for incidents involving serious injury, death or other tragic events in and around the workplace. One or more Social Workers trained in CISM response are available on an emergent basis to provide debriefing and/or defusing in response to tragic events involving or effecting employees or the workplace generally. This service is provided in a timely fashion, on site and specifically designed to meet the needs of those impacted directly or indirectly. 


Proactive Intervention

Proactive Intervention is provided through Education and Training, designed to support the stated goals of the employer.

Education and Training may include: 

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Effective Systems Relationships

  • Maximizing Human Resources

  • Life Skills Management

  • Life Styles Management

  • Leisure Awareness


Proactive Intervention also involves ongoing promotion of the Employee Assistance Program within the employee group.

What about confidentiality?

Employees interested in accessing treatment contact the Elgin Counselling and Mediation Centre directly for an appointment. Individual employees are not identified to the employer nor is any report made to the employer with regard to their treatment. Release of any personal information can only be done upon the written consent of the employee or when required by law. In the event disclosure is required by law, only the appropriate authorities are notified.

What is the benefit to the employer?

By providing an Employee Assistance Program, the employer may expect a healthier employee group as a return on investment. The results will appear in: 

  • lower absenteeism 

  • higher levels of cooperation 

  • increased job satisfaction 

  • increased creativity 

  • increased productivity 

  • enhanced performance

What is the cost of an Employee Assistance Program?

The cost of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will vary according to the needs of the company, but generally involve two forms of payment.

  • Fee for service is billed on a monthly basis for actual use of the treatment services.

  • Monthly or Annual Premiums based on an estimate of use by the employee group. 

In either instance the cost of the program may be carried entirely by the employer, the employee group, or shared between the employee group and the employer.

Why choose Elgin Counselling & Mediation Centre as your E.A.P. provider?
  • Qualified professionals available to assist with the concerns of individuals, couples and families.

  • Employees and their dependents have unlimited access to treatment services.

  • Day and evening appointments are available. Weekend appointments are also available.

  • Emergencies are given priority in scheduling clients.

  • We do not operate with a waiting list for service. As a general rule non-emergent clients are scheduled for the initial assessment within one week of their request for treatment.

  • Our associates and referral network assure our clients of appropriate resources for effective solutions.

  • Our program is cost effective.

For more information or to book an appointment, click here.
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