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Counselling Services

Read more about the counselling services we offer at Elgin Counselling and Mediation Centre

Mediation Services

Read more about the mediation process and the mediation services that we offer at Elgin Counselling and Mediation Centre

Youth Justice

Read more about our contract with with the Ministry of Children and Youth

Taking care of Elgin County's counselling and mediation needs since 1996.

Choose Elgin Counselling and Mediation as your E.A.P. provider.

Learn more more about what an Employee Assistance Program is and what the benefits of choosing Elgin as your provider are.

Elgin Counselling & Mediation has been serving Elgin County for over 20 years.

Read more about Elgin Counselling & Mediation Centre and what we have to offer you.

Elgin Counselling & Mediation Centre has a roster of highly skilled and qualified staff. 

Meet our counselling and mediation experts.

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